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Plenary: Agroecology, nutrition and planetary health: Benefits, challenges; opportunities, constraints
byANH Academy
Academy Week Research Conference
Date and Time
From: 28 June 2023, 15:30
To: 28 June 2023, 17:00 - CAT (GMT+2)
Street: ANH2023 (Online & Malawi) (4276)

-13.953950331269, 33.79164839411

Open Full Event Agroecology nutrition and planetary

Times for this event are in CAT.

Room: MVUU


Today’s interlinking food and climate crises renew the impetus for a fundamental rethink of the way food is produced and consumed, with growing calls for intensive industrialised food production systems to be superseded by models which better balance the needs of people and planet.

One such model is agroecology, defined by FAO as a “holistic and integrated approach that simultaneously applies ecological and social concepts and principles to the design and management of sustainable agriculture and food systems.” (FAO, 2023)

This ANH2023 plenary session explores the potential for these approaches to sustainably and equitably address food system challenges, asking:

  • What forms of evidence and/or knowledge link agroecological approaches to human and planetary health?
  • If evidence or knowledge is lacking or not utilised (at a farm, regional or national level), what might be causing this gap, and how can it be remedied?
  • What is a ‘just transition to agroecology’, why might this be important and what are the potential barriers?
  • How does agroecology relate to other emerging alternative food system ideas i.e. regenerative/nature-positive/climate-smart agriculture?
  • What is the role of researchers, practitioners, social movements, policymakers and donors in the generation and use of evidence concerning agroecology?



  • Frank Tchuwa, Senior Lecturer in Rural Development and Extension, Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (LUANAR)



  • Chifundo Khokwa, National Coordinator, SCOPE Malawi
  • Daimon Kambewa, Member, Agroecology Hub, LUANAR
  • Gertrude Kambuawa, Director, Dept. of Land Resource Conservation
  • Rachel Bezner-Kerr, Professor of Global Development, Cornell University


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Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (Bunda College)
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