Academy week FAQS


Please find below the list of hotels and rates. Please note that you may find cheaper rates online. 


Distance from conference venue

Approximate rate (USD) - excludes      goods/services tax and fees 

Booking Code

The Westin Hyderabad Mindspace

 0km – ANH Academy Week Venue


Reservation link   

Deccan Serai Hotel

 400m (5 mins walk)



Lemon Tree Premier

850m (10 mins walk)



Red Fox Hotel

900m (11 mins walk



Avasa Hotel

1.1km (14 mins walk, 10 mins drive)


Email and


Ibis Hyderabad

1.3km (16 mins walk, 10 mins drive)



Trident Hotel

1.4km (17 mins walk,9 mins drive)



FabHotel Prowell HiTech City

1.3km (16 mins walk, 9 mins drive)



ITC Kohenur Hyderabad

1.6km (20 mins walk, 6 mins drive)



Ashoka Hitec City

2.3km (28 mins walk, 11 mins drive)



Park Hyatt Hyderabad

8.1km ( 28 mins drive)



Vivanta Begumpet


12.1km ( 35 mins drive)



Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel

10.4km (31 mins drive)




Taxis in Hyderabad

You are responsible for organising your own transport to and from the event. There are a range of transport options available in Hyderabad, please see some below as an example:

Please note: If you are arriving alone very late at night / early in the morning we would recommend that you pre-orgnise an airport transfer to your accommodation.

For advance booking

Vendors  Price (approx. from aairport to venue) Contact Person  Payment 
Westin Hotel (The conference Venue) 3750 + taxes Raj Muske:

Via hotel

Asian Travel  From Rs. 1550 + taxes, tolls and parking Parveen Kumar

Online/Card paymnet 

4 Wheels Travel  From Rs 1950 +GST@12% + tolls and parking Via
('pay' option / pay via credit card using reference no. 032819)


For on-street hailing 

Vendors            Price in INR (approx. from aairport to venue) Contact Person  Payment 
There are local taxis available from the airport - cash required   1000 On street        Cash
Ride hailing apps (i.e. Uber) See on day  On street  Via app or cash


Key dates

Registration will open on the 18th of March and will operate over two rounds on a first come, first served basis. 


Call for abstracts
The deadline for the Call for Abstracts for the Research Conference was January 13. The call for submission of abstracts is now closed. More information about the abstract submission themes can be found below.
Selection process
The ANH Academy Week Research Conference receives more abstracts than it can accept for oral or poster presentations. Therefore, abstracts will be reviewed by the ANH Academy Week 2019 Scientific Committee and selected on the basis of their scientific quality, originality and relevance to the themes and methods encouraged above. The panel will make a decision on whether an abstract is selected for an oral presentation or a poster session. All poster presenters will have the opportunity to present a one-minute summary of their poster during a Conference plenary session. 
To encourage diverse styles of research communication, to accommodate different disciplines and to break up long conference sessions, this year’s oral presenters will be encouraged to use different formats. Those invited for oral presentations will be consulted on potential options.
What we were looking for
Preference was given to studies that address truly interdisciplinary questions, capture emerging debates, and contain substantive innovative analytical content relating to nutrition/health pathways in agriculture and food systems. Presentations were prioritised that had a strong cross-cutting focus along the research themes outlined in the Call for Abstracts:
  • Results and lessons learned from scientific research, and not research plans
  • Studies that use innovative methods or metrics
  • Studies that investigate equity concerns 
  • Studies that did not work (‘lessons from failure’)
Scientific research from any discipline using a variety of methodological approaches – qualitative, mixed-methods or quantitative methodological approaches were welcomed.

The submission of abstracts has now closed. An expert panel is currently reviewing all submissions and will decide on whether an abstract is selected for an oral presentation or a poster session. All successful oral and poster presenters will be notified by email during the week of 18th of February 2019.

  • Invitation for successful oral and poster presenters will sent on the week starting on February 18th 2019.
  • Bursary applicants will also be informed at the same time on the week starting on February 18th 2019.



There will be a small, nominal registration fee for all participants.

This fee applies when registering for any part of the week – Learning Labs, Research Conference, or both - and the proceeds will contribute in a small way to the overall running costs of the five-day event. The funds will be partially used to support travel bursaries for speakers from developing countries and to provide informal networking opportunities for attendees.

Once you have completed the registration form, follow the link provided in the confirmation email, which will take you to the e-payment page. Your registration will not be considered complete until payment is received or special arrangements are made. If you are able to attend but foresee a major problem with paying the registration fee, please contact us directly at We will do our best to mitigate any problems on a case by case basis.

The ANH Academy is offering a limited number of bursaries to selected oral or poster presenters from developing countries, to contribute towards travel costs and accommodation. Applicants who expressed an interest in applying for a bursary have been sent information via email. The deadline for applying for a bursary was the 31th of January 2019. 

All applicants will be notified of the outcome of their bursary application via email during the week of 18th of Feburary 2019. 



Abstracts for the Research Conference part of the week were called under the following themes:

  1. Global food system governance and political economy
  • E.g. Power relations; conflict of interest; accountability; values; incentives; risks for chronic diseases from complex and global food systems
  1. Macro-policy pathways and impacts
  • E.g. Trade, fiscal and monetary policies; regulations, subsidies, investments; agricultural drivers of chronic disease and double burden of malnutrition etc. 
  1. Programme impacts
  • E.g. Novel policy or interventional impacts of agriculture-food systems on nutrition and health pathways; comparative research across contexts and intervention typologies; innovative causal identification designs
  1. Economic evaluation and financing of multi-sectoral programmes
  • E.g. Economic decision making among households, public and private sectors; costs, cost-effectiveness, and cost-efficiency of multi-sectoral policies/programmes with multiple consequences; application of costs for national and global strategic planning
  1. Implementation science
  • E.g. Lessons learnt from designing, implementing and evaluating complex programmes; innovation in implementation science research; trade-offs in complex programme design and evaluation; lessons from what has not worked
  1. Behavioural research
  • E.g. Motivations, capabilities, incentives, opportunities of individuals (including mental health), households and institutions in prioritising issues with complex outcomes; Drivers of food choice (including private sector); interactions between personal and external food environments
  1. Innovative methods and metrics
  • E.g. Studying complex systems; tools, methods and metrics in studying nutrition-health pathways in agriculture and food systems; comparative research (how do different metrics on the same topic compare or differ); taking stock of what worked and what did not and identifying gaps in tools, methods and metrics
  1. Big data
  • E.g. Making sense of ‘what data is out there’; application of merging and using big data; taking stock of what worked and what did not
  1. Agriculture, food systems and infectious diseases
  • E.g. Food safety; land-use change (including urbanisation) and disease spread; agricultural drivers of zoonotic diseases and antimicrobial resistance; health risks of complex and global food systems
  1.  Planetary health, environmental effects and sustainability 
  • E.g. Impacts of climate and environmental change on agriculture, nutrition and health, sustainable and healthy diets; impact of global food systems on planetary health

The full interactive programme is now available here. Please register as a member of the Academy so that you can receive a notification of when the full programme goes live.

Our interactive programme is now available here. Please register as a member of the Academy so that you can receive a notification of when the full programme goes live.

The structure of the Academy Week is:

24-25 June: Learning Labs

26-28 June: Research Conference 

For an idea of what to expect please visit the 20162017 and 2018 Academy Week resources pages.


All foreign nationals require a visa to enter India and should be in possession of a valid passport with no less than 6 months validity. There are several types of visa available but participants travelling specifically for the 4th ANH  Academy Week will need to apply for a Conference Visa

The Process

  • Register for ANH Academy Week on our website - ANH2019 Registration
  • When completing your registration please tick the box to indicate that you need a visa to enter India and provide your name as it appears in your passport
  • Please complete the visa clearance form: ANH2019 Visa Clearance Form (Please complete your registration first before filling the visa clearance form) 
  • We will then send you the invitation letter and other supporting documents once we get the necessary clearance from government of India (likely to be 30-40 days before the event)
  •  You will then be able to apply for a conference visa either online or at the Indian Embassy in your country of residence

You can find more information about visa here.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have registered after Monday 7th May and do not already hold an Indian visa or Indian passport, please contact us directly as we may not be able to obtain an invitation letter for you from India after this date.

On the day

If you are not attending the event you can follow the conversation on Twitter using our Twitter hashtag - #ANH2019. Our Twitter handle is @IMMANA_res. Some sessions will also be livestreamed and all resources will be available via our website.

If you are attending the event, you can interact with other participants by downloading our ANH Academy Week event app from the App Store or Google Play. Details for downloading the App will be emailed to all registrants prior to the conference.

Yes, a selection of the talks will be live streamed during the conference. The livestream will be accessible from our website once the event starts on June 24th. All talks will be recorded and made available via our website along with presentation slides and other useful resources.

Yes, The Academy Week has been heavily oversubscribed in the past. But, we have a limited number of places for members of the press. Please contact sends e-mail) if you would like to request a press seat, including in the email the name of your organization, how many people would like to attend and on which programme or newspaper section you are planning to cover the Academy Week. Please note that press seats are allocated at least 24 hours before each event and will be allocated on a first come, first served bases.

Information about Hyderabad


  • Hyderabad is well connected to national and international destinations with both national and international air carriers.
  • The main airport in Hyderabad is Rajiv Gandhi International Airport which is served by the major international airlines. 


  • Usually 220 volts AC, 50Hz some areas have a DC supply. Plugs used are of the round two and three pin type. Adapters and voltage converters come handy if you are planning to operate electrical and electronic appliances.  


  • Temperature in Hyderabad ranges from 11°C to 42°C. Please click here to view live weather report. We advise you to bring insect repellent.


  • International Direct Dialling service is widely available all over India. Otherwise calls must be placed through the international operator. Country code: 91. Outgoing international code: 00. Hyderabad City code: 40.

Local Information