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Welcome to the ANH-Academy 2022 Frequently Asked Questions page. Please take a look at the questions below, if you don't find an answer you're looking for you can get in touch with us at [email protected]

When will the registration for ANH2022 open?

Registration for ANH2022 is open now - click here to register! 

Before you register, please make sure you are logged in to your ANH Academy account, and that you update your profile with the latest information. If you are a member and not already signed in, log in here (If you forgot your login details and need help, please email us at [email protected]). If you are not yet a member, sign up here

How much are the registration fees for ANH2022?

ANH2022 is FREE to attend. But you will need to be logged in to your ANH Academy account to access conference resources(which is also FREE).

If you are a member and not already signed in, log in here (If you forgot your login details and need help, please email us at [email protected]). If you are not yet a member, sign up here

When will the call for abstracts open and when will it close?

The call for abstracts for the research conference is now closed. If you submitted an abstract, you will hear if you have been successful by the end of April 2022.

You can find oral and poster presentations from previous virtual conferences, in 2021 and 2020, by clicking on the 'programme' tab on the respective pages.

Will ANH2022 be held in person?

Given the uncertainties of the COVID-19 pandemic and the continued inequitable distribution of vaccines globally, we expect ANH2022 will take place primarily online to maximise participation across the world. 

This year, we shall hold a hybrid event with our South African partners where a few events and watch parties will be held in-person.

Are there guidelines for presentations?

Guidelines for oral and poster presenters have been emailed to all presenters and are also linked below. 

Where can I find information on the Learning Labs?

Learning Labs are series of training sessions in interdisciplinary agriculture, nutrition and health research. You can find videos from previous online LLs in 2021 and 2020 by clicking on the 'programme' tab on the respective pages.

The expression of interest to deliver the Learning Labs is now closed.

Learning Labs will be held Monday 20th to Thursday 23rd June 2022. A summary programme can be found here, or you can navigate to the 'programme' tab of the ANH2022 main page

How can I interact with others attending ANH2022?

ANH2022 will be held virtually and attendees will have the opportunity to interact in multiple ways online, including interactive plenary and parallel discussions, Learning Labs, poster viewing sessions and side events. Please also take a look at the conversation on Twitter using our hashtag  #ANH2022. Our Twitter handle is @ANH_Academy.

Members of the ANH-Academy are also able to privately message each other via their ANH Academy member profile page. 

Will sessions be live streamed from ANH2022?

As the conference will again be held online this year participants are able to join from anywhere in the world. We will also record all sessions. 

You can view sessions from 2021 on our YouTube channel.

Which sessions will be live translated into French, and will they be recorded?

We will introduce live French translations for first time in the 2022 Research Conference only (not Learning Labs). We are in the process of making arrangements but our aim is to have all sessions translated except for the side events and poster viewings. 

We are exploring if/ how we might be able to record the sessions in French so they can be posted to our YouTube site alongside our English language videos and will update this guidance when we know more.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the translation function on zoom, we have put together some basic guidelines: