ANH2017 - Research Conference videos

Day 1, Tuesday 11 July 2017

Welcome Addresses
An Integrated Approach to Addressing Micronutrient Deficiencies: Policy Options for a Way Forward
Moderator: Dr. Keith West
Session 2:  Food Policy and Price
Chair: Paula Dominguez-Salas, LSHTM
Session 3:  Policy, Food Supply and Food Production
Chair: Jeff Waage, LSHTM

Keynote Speech

Namukolo Covic, [International Food Policy Research Institute]


Day 2, Wednesday 12 July 2017

Session 4:  Climate, Seasonality and Environmental change
Chair: Stuart Gillespie, IFPRI
Evidence from the Feed the Future Nutrition Innovation Lab
Chair: Patrick Webb, Tufts University
(coordinated by LANSA)
Chair: Rachel Lambert, Senior Livelihoods Adviser, Agricultural Research, DfID, UK
  • Nitya Rao, Professor of Gender & Development, University of East Anglia and LANSA Gender Cross-cut Lead - Presentation on Emerging Evidence from LANSA Research
  • Nafisa Shah, Member, National Assembly of Pakistan
  • Jatinder Kishtwaria, Director, ICAR-Central Institute for Women in Agriculture, Government of India                                                                                                                                                     
  • Khushi Kabir, Coordinator, Nijera Kori, Bangladesh
  • Indira Dahal, Joint Secretary, Nepal Law Commission
Session 5:  Household Food Production & Nutrition Linkages
Chair: Y.N. Ghimire, NARC

Keynote Speech

Tahmeed Ahmed, [BRAC University]



Day 3, Thursday 13 July 2017

Session 6:  Novel Metrics to Study Agriculture-Nutrition Pathways: Evidence from Observational Studies
Chair: Joyce Kinabo, Sokoine University of Agriculture
Session 7:  Gender and Equity
Chair: Binjwala Shrestha, IOM
Session 8 contd.:  Program Evaluations II
Chair: Bikash Lamichhane, Child Health Division, Department of Health Services

Keynote Speech

Patrick Webb: Global Panel Foresight Report


Donor Address
  • Rachel Lambert, [Senior Livelihoods Adviser, Agriculture Research], [UK Aid/Department for International Development]