Learning Lab: The Food Systems Dashboard and the Innovative Food Systems Solutions Portal: New Tools for Exploring Food Systems Data and Innovations
byANH Academy
Academy Week Learning Lab
| Food Systems
Date and Time
From: 21 June 2022, 15:30
To: 21 June 2022, 17:30
BST British Summer Time GMT+1:00
Country: United Kingdom
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This event has concluded, we will post a recording of the session here soon. Please check back. 


Level: Introductory


This learning lab will engage participants in exploring food systems data and innovations, using two connected open access tools, the Food Systems Dashboard (https://foodsystemsdashboard.org/) and the Innovative Food Systems Solutions portal (https://ifssportal.nutritionconnect.org/). First, using the Food Systems Dashboard, participants will learn how to navigate through a diversity of over 200 food systems indicators from over 30 databases, to identify patterns and challenge areas, to explore positive deviants, to connect multiple components and functions of food systems, and to support the development of applied systems approaches. Second, for a specific context, participants will elaborate on food systems challenge areas, identified through the Food Systems Dashboard, and co-create bundles of potential innovations, investment options, and action pathways using the Innovative Food Systems Solutions portal as a support tool in this process.

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Hi! Can I get the link to register for this event? Thanks

Zulfa Raudatul Jannah

21 Jun 2022
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