Side event: Agricultural Policies and Nutrition Outcomes in sub-Saharan Africa - AERC
byMark Korir
Academy Week Research Conference
| Agriculture, Animals and Livestock, Nutrition
Date and Time
From: 29 June 2022, 11:45
To: 29 June 2022, 12:45
BST British Summer Time GMT+1:00
Country: United Kingdom
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Sub-Saharan African countries experience various market failures and other constraints in the production, marketing, and consumption of nutritious food. Many policies around agri-food value chains have been put in place to counter these failures. However, malnutrition among the population in the region remains high. Mitigating this challenge requires informed, evidence-based policy development and implementation to tackle the region's double burden of undernutrition and obesity.  

The session shares research papers from the AERC project, Agriculture and Food Policy Analysis for Nutrition (AFPON) earmarked for publication in a Special Issue of the Food Policy Journal titled Nutritional Impacts of Agricultural, Food and Nutrition Policies in Sub-Saharan Africa. The papers provide frontier knowledge on pathways and linkages on how agricultural, food and nutrition policies influence nutrition outcomes such as malnutrition, dietary diversity, stunting, underweight and wasting in sub-Saharan Africa. 


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Are there changes in the meeting time?

Mohammed Jema

29 Jun 2022
I've been waiting for almost an hour to join the meeting but the zoom message still appears as wait for the host to start this meeting. The event agri. policies and nutrition outcomes were scheduled at 4:00 PM BST.
Any information?

Tushar Dey

29 Jun 2022
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