Side event: Approaches to measuring self efficacy
byMeredith Jackson-deGraffenried
Academy Week Research Conference
| Nutrition, Public Health
Date and Time
From: 28 June 2022, 17:15
To: 28 June 2022, 18:15
BST British Summer Time GMT+1:00
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Multiple measures of women’s empowerment are currently in use as practitioners continue to refine and adapt how we approach quantitative and qualitative measurement of a psychosocial construct to inform program implementation. Self-efficacy, or a belief in one’s ability to perform a given task, is one aspect of empowerment that is routinely measured with the General Self-Efficacy Scale, which has been validated in various contexts as an effective measure and is included in the Project-Level Women’s Empowerment in Agriculture Index (Pro-WEAI). However, some users of the General Self-Efficacy Scale have noted comprehension challenges by respondents, even after careful translation to contextualize content. These experiences call into question whether measuring psychosocial constructs with tools designed from an outsider perspective fully captures dimensions of women’s empowerment. In this Side Event, we take a deep dive into how we approach measuring self-efficacy, present results from using both outsider and insider tools, and facilitate participant discussions regarding experiences measuring self-efficacy, exploring what we may be missing by not including contextually-defined measures of women’s empowerment. At the end of the discussion, we aim to have a jointly produced list of recommendations to help practitioners decide when to use different approaches.


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The introduction session of ANH 2022 conference is amazing and informative as it expanded my scope of knowledge in various agriculture, Nutrition and Environmental as this is a big plus towards advancing my career in sustainable Agricultural development in Africa at large. Long live ANH.

Kabir Akinleye

30 Jun 2022
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