Career journeys

Career journeys Cynthia
Agriculture, nutrition and health careers are  diverse and cross-cutting, and a wide range of paths are followed to reach career milestones. On these pages are examples of different routes and backgrounds that established professionals working in agriculture, nutrition and health disciplines can have.
In reading these career journeys, it is clear that challenges and set-backs are part of the process – that even for an established researcher, things may not have always gone to plan!


Click on the links below to read about the different career paths taken by established agriculture, nutrition and health professionals:

Bhavani Shankar
Bhavani Shankar, Professorial Research Fellow in Food and Health
Cynthia Matare


Cynthia Matare, Nutrition Education Specialist
Duaa Sayed


Duaa Sayed, Food Security Analysis Expert
Jeff Waage


Jeff Waage, Professor of International Development
Kudzayi Kariri


Kudzayi Kariri, Integrated Food Security Phase Classification Regional Trainer
Mark Korir


Mark Korir, Programme Manager CMAAE
Suneetha Kadiyala
Suneetha Kadiyala, Professor of Global Nutrition
Will Masters


Will Masters, Professor in Economics of Agriculture, Food and Nutrition




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