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ANH Academy and African Nutrition Society collaborate around a range of different activities, from participating in ANH Academy Week and Africa Nutritional Epidemiology Conference sessions and Scientific Committees, to co-curating and hosting webinar series. 


Webinars in partnership with the African Nutrition Society


Webinar: COVID-19 Emergency Response: The African Nutrition Perspectives, 1 June 2020

Webinar series: Agriculture-Nutrition-Health linkages: Research in the African context

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Session 1: Towards sustainable integration of edible insects as nutrient resources in marginalized south-eastern regions of Zimbabwe, 26 April 2018

Session 2: Poultry egg production and utilization among women participating in the Nutrition Links Project in a rural district of Ghana, 22 March 2018

Session 3: Agricultural Biodiversity for Better Nutrition, Health and Improved Livelihoods in sub-Saharan Africa – the case of forest foods in Congo Basin, 28 February 2018

Session 4: Achieving food and nutrition security among pastoral and agro-pastoral communities in Kenya - A gender perspective, 30 January 2018

Session 5: Doing Things Their Way? Food, Farming and Health in Two Ugandan Cities, 12 December 2017

Session 6: Building stronger linkages between agriculture and nutrition for health and development: the Ghana context, 6 November 2017

Session 7: Caregiver capabilities - in the series Agriculture-Nutrition-Health linkages: Research in the African context, 19 October 2017