Mental Health Working Group


The ANH Academy Mental Health Working Group is a group of interdisciplinary experts from across the world aiming to advance knowledge and research practice for mental health in relationship to agriculture, food security and nutrition (FSN) in low and middle-income countries and to systematise and improve tools, metrics and methods in this intersection. Its landscape mapping and synthesis work will focus on three objectives:

  1. Assess the state of knowledge on mental health as it relates to FNS;
  2. Prioritise key gaps and questions that need to be filled or answered in order to effectively aid research in this nexus; and
  3. Develop guidance and resources on best practice and consolidated approaches for measurement and methodology of linkages between mental health and FNS. 

Prefinal interactive evidence and gap map linking food security and nutrition to mental health

Welcome to our interactive Evidence and Gap Map (EGM) of empirical research linking all types of food security and nutrition to mental health. There are currently almost 1900 studies mapped here.

This is a PREFINAL MAP! We would like to open this project for consultation and feedback, which will inform our final map. If you have any questions, requests, or comments, please write to us: [email protected]. We have two versions of this map – one segmented by population type, and one by study design. Which do you prefer and why?

MHWG prefinal map announcement


Explore the map now:

In this map, you can explore different types of evidence: you can take a broad overview when the map is collapsed; or you can open out columns and rows with the arrows, roll over cells to see a summary of studies in each cell; or you can click on each cell to open a bibliography (which can be downloaded as an RIS file). 

You can also use the ‘Filters’ tab on the upper left to explore the many different aspects of this body of research. For example, you could choose the types of study designs that you want to explore by selecting these (or unselecting those you wish to exclude). You could also select and unselect the types of mental health measures you wish to see in the map. Or you can limit the map by geopolitical zones – income classification, regions, or specific countries!

We hope that this map is a useful tool to navigate this diverse and rapidly-growing body of evidence – and that it will lead to strategic and improved inquiry into this important subject!

Thanks to the fantastic group of Global Mental Health Lab and LSHTM screeners and coders who made the map possible! Contributors: Megan Deeney, Zhuozhi Lin, Xuerui Han, Chiara Lier, Maria Palar, Lambert Felix, Venus Mahmoodi, Vildana Hodzic, Pema Payang, Eliot Golden, Justine Wright and Srishti Sardana.


Global Mental Health and Nutrition: Moving Toward a Convergent Research Agenda



Mental health and ANH research

8 September 2020

Recording from the ANH Academy webinar on Mental health and ANH research​​​​​


  • Bryan Cheng, Research Fellow, Global Mental Health Lab, Columbia University Teachers College, @GMHLab_TC
  • Thalia Sparling, Research Fellow, IMMANA Programme, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM), @SparlingThalia @ANH_Academy @LSHTM

Core members:

  • Herbert Ainamani, Senior Lecturer, School of Medicine, Kabale University, @AinamaniHerbert @kabuniversity
  • Florence Amadi, Senior Technical Advisor for Global Health and Nutrition, Food for the Hungry, @food4thehungry
  • Ricardo Araya Baltra, Professor, Centre for Global Mental Health, King’s College London, @ArayaBaltra_R @KingsIoPPN
  • Camila Corvalán, Institute of Nutrition and Food Technology (INTA), University of Chile, @_INFORMAS @INTA_UChile
  • Jillian Emerson, Senior Nutrition Scientist, Vitamin Angels, @vitaminangels
  • Khadija Mitu, Associate Professor, University of Chittagong, @KhadijaMitu3
  • Erin Pfeiffer, Technical Advisor for Global Health and Nutrition, Independent Consultant, Erin Pfeiffer Consulting
  • Marianne Santoso, IMMANA Research Fellow, Northwestern University, @mvsantoso @ResearchNU
  • Nadine Seward, Lecturer, Centre for Implementation Science, King’s College London, @nadineseward @assetKGHI
  • Lena Verdeli, Associate Professor, Columbia University Teachers College, @lenaverdeli @GMHLab_TC

ANH Academy research and communications team:

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