UN Food System Summit 2021: Contribute ideas on shifting to sustainable consumption patterns
Namukolo Covic 01 February 2021

Twitter: @NamukoloC

UN Food System Summit

Dear Colleagues,

I have been recently appointed as a member of the United Nations Food Systems Summit Action Track 2 Leadership Team: Shifting to Sustainable Consumption Patterns and specifically in workstream 2: Consumer Intent and Product Experience. The workstream is tasked with identifying a short-list of potential game-changing solutions that are actionable, sustainable and with impact potential at scale.

Action Track 2 recognizes that current food consumption patterns, often characterized by higher levels of food waste and a transition in diets towards higher energy, more resource-intensive foods, need to be transformed. In workstream 2 we are focusing on solutions that

  1. Improve the product and meal experience of healthier and more sustainable food. This agenda will incorporate solutions that help improve the quality, taste, multi-sensory experience, convenience, price and value perception of such products and meals.
  2. Improve consumers motivation and capability with respect to healthier and more sustainable food. This agenda will incorporate ideas that help improve consumers knowledge of such food, enhances cooking and food preparation skills, builds positive emotional associations, evolves social norms and propagates social contagion, enables personal goal setting etc.

Given your knowledge, expertise and leadership in food systems and environments, I’m eager to know your ideas of potential solutions or if you know of an existing solution/initiative that has been implemented and proved its success for us to consider. All ideas received including the ones that are not selected will be compiled and published at a later stage acknowledging the contribution of others. You can find more information about the UN Food Systems Action Tracks here: https://www.un.org/en/food-systems-summit/action-tracks

I’m happy to receive any input you have by one of these options:

Please note the deadline for ideas is the 5th of February.

I very much look forward to hearing from you. 

Best Wishes,

Namukolo Covic (click to email me)

Twitter: @NamukoloC


UN Food System Summit
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UN Food System Summit 2021
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