Ag2Nut Call: India, ANH Academy, and Connecting with members
byAnna Herforth
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The Ag2Nut global community now has three active country chapters: Ag2Nut-Ethiopia, Ag2Nut-Ghana, and Ag2Nut-Nigeria, each formed at an ANH Academy Week. This year, ANH Academy Week will be held in Hyderabad from June 24-28. There, we will hold a special side event for members who may wish to form an Indian Ag2Nut sub-group. The reason for forming a geographic subgroup is to focus and connect more effectively on issues specific to the region. 

  • On this call, we will explore interest in forming an Indian Ag2Nut subgroup, in preparation for the in-person meeting in Hyderabad
  • We will also share how to follow ANH Academy Week if you are not attending in person. The week is packed with ag-nut sessions, and there will be active daily dissemination and social media updates. 
  • We will demonstrate how to find members in any country, using the Ag2Nut and ANH Academy websites. 

Please join this call to find out how Ag2Nut and ANH Academy make it easy to connect with people who are interested and skilled in agriculture-nutrition linkages in a specific country. Please register especially if you are interested in being part of an Ag2Nut-India chapter.

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Ag2Nut Call: India, ANH Academy, and Connecting with members webinar 

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02:00pm/Addis Ababa

Ag2Nut Community of Practice, Harvard School of Public Health, Wageningen University & Research
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