Panel discussion: 'Sustainable food: creating a food system for healthy people and planet'
byANH Academy
Webinar or Seminar
| Food Systems, Planetary Health, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene
Date and Time
From: 22 February 2023, 17:00
To: 22 February 2023, 18:30
BST British Summer Time GMT+1:00
Country: United Kingdom
Street: Oxford, OX1 3BD
Open Full Event Panel discussion: 'Sustainable food: creating a food system for healthy people and planet'
photo credit: Oxford Martin School's image

Food systems are a major driver of global biodiversity loss, deforestation, water scarcity and pollution, and pesticide toxicity.

Food production also generates greenhouse gas emissions that are a major contributor to climate change. With 1/3 of the earth’s land already used for agriculture and a growing global population, changes to both food production systems and consumption (on the part of organisations and individuals) are essential for a sustainable future where everyone has access to healthy food.

Join Oxford Martin School's panel, Dr Michael Clark, Oxford Martin Programme on Biodiversity & Society; Dr Sasha Gennet, The Nature Conservancy; Dr Joseph Poore, Oxford Martin Programme on Food Sustainability Analytics & Dr Tara Garnett (Chair), Table, as they discuss how sustainability in agriculture, food labelling, diet changes, and policy can help can create a food system that not only provides enough food, but keeps us and the planet healthy.

This panel discussion will be followed by a drinks reception, all welcome.



This talk will be live in-person and online

This event is part of the Oxford Green Action Week, a week full of exciting events that empower and celebrate environmental action. For more information:


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