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Research Community on Food Access | April Community Event
byANH Academy
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| Agriculture, Economics, Food Environments, Nutrition
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From: 17 April 2024, 12:00
To: 17 April 2024, 14:00
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Join us for a combined Research Roundtable and Office Hours session all about diet cost and affordability assessments!

This month's Food Access event will feature community members working on the leading methods to assess the cost and affordability of healthy and nutritious diets worldwide.  This work will be captured in a forthcoming methods briefing, summarized below.

Conducting dietary costing assessments involves collecting data on local food prices, nutritional composition, and income levels, employing various methodologies and software tools. These tools range from simple applications requiring minimal training to more complex software demanding a higher level of expertise. The choice of tool can be based on the purpose of the analysis, available time and resources, the flexibility needed in data adjustment, and the level of training needed. This forthcoming report will focus on tools which are used globally. The tools include Nutval, Diet Impact Assessment Model, Cost and Affordability of a Healthy Diet, Cost of the Diet, Optifood, ENHANCE, and Cost of a Nutrient Adequate diet. Each tool is explored in more detail, focusing on accessibility/operating systems supported, level of training required, preloaded data, flexibility to adjust data, analytical capabilities, and typical uses.

Community members Masud Rana (Save the Children), Imran Chiosa (National Statistical Office of Malawi), Alison Donnelly (Save the Children), Joanne Chui (Save the Children) will present this work.  Masud and Imran will share their experiences using two different methods to assess diet affordability in Malawi. 

After the Research Roundtable presentation, the presenters invite attendees to stay for an Office Hours session focused on diet cost assessments. 

All times are in Universal Coordinated Time (UTC+0)

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