Webinar: Making progress at the intersections of food systems, nutrition and climate change
byANH Academy
Webinar or Seminar
| Agriculture, Food Systems, Nutrition, Planetary Health
Date and Time
From: 24 April 2024, 13:00
To: 24 April 2024, 14:30
BST British Summer Time GMT+1:00
Open Full Event ENN and ANH Academy


This event has now concluded. Watch the recording of the workshop: 

Joint workshop from ENN and ANH Academy on the intersections of food systems, nutrition and climate change


You can access the PowerPoint slides here

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Join the ENN and the ANH Academy for a workshop exploring the knowledge and actions at the intersections between food systems and climate change for improved nutrition and well-being.

 In the workshop, we will explore:

  • Key evidence gaps from recent systematic work in this arena
  • Gaps and potential solutions, exemplified by the African Population and Health Research Center's research on climate change impacts on women & children's nutrition & mental health in Eastern African drylands
  • A live demonstration of how to use an interactive Evidence and Gap Map on this topic to answer questions and strengthen your work
  • Ways for the nutrition, food systems and climate communities to gain momentum towards better population and planetary outcomes in research and practice.


About the Speakers


Elizabeth Kimani, Theme Lead Health and Well-being, APHRC

Elizabeth, a Public Health Nutrition Specialist and a Research Scientist is the head of the Maternal and Child Wellbeing Unit at APHRC. She is also a Wellcome Trust International Engagement Fellow, undertaking public engagement on the right to food in Kenya. She is also an Adjunct Faculty at Brown University, USA and an Honorary Lecturer at the University of Glasgow, UK.

She is passionate about improving lives and promoting human dignity through policy-relevant, action-oriented research, programs and engagement, and is championing research on optimal early child nutrition, development and wellbeing; and food security in sub-Saharan Africa.


Leah Richardson, Sustainable Food Systems Lead, ENN

Leah leads ENN’s deepening strategic engagement in nutrition sensitive food systems transformation. She provides specialized technical support to donors and leads ENN's Food Systems portfolio. With around 20 years experience within humanitarian coordination and the systems contributing to nutrition outcomes, Leah currently champions establishing sustainable food systems in fragile settings.  She holds a Masters in Public Health and another Masters in Sustainable Food Systems."


Thalia Sparling, Assistant Professor at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine

Thalia thematic focus are the causal pathways between food systems and nutrition/health, especially the links between food systems, nutrition and mental health, as well as climate change.  Methodologically, Thalia is experienced in large-scale evidence (and methods) synthesis, path analysis, and implementation research.



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