Mapping the effects of food systems interventions on food security and nutrition: Launch of the 3ie Food Systems Evidence Gap Map
byANH Academy
| Food Systems
Date and Time
From: 15 January 2021, 13:00
To: 15 January 2021, 14:30
GMT Greenwich Mean Time GMT
Country: United Kingdom
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The International Initiative for Impact Evaluation (3ie) and the Innovative Methods and Metrics for Agriculture and Nutrition Actions (IMMANA) programme were commissioned by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) in February 2020 to develop an Evidence Gap Map (EGM) of the effects of food systems interventions on food security and nutrition outcomes. This map can help increase the discoverability of evidence and its use by decision makers working on policies and programmes.

Martin Hoppe, Head of division, Food and Nutrition Security, Global Food Policy, Fisheries, BMZ;
Christoph Langenkamp, Programme Director, Knowledge for Nutrition (K4N);
Thalia Sparling, Postdoctoral Fellow, Innovative Metrics and Methods for Agriculture and Nutrition Actions (IMMANA);
Marie Ruel, Director of Poverty, Health, and Nutrition Division, International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI); and
Charlotte Lane, Evaluation Specialist, 3ie
Chair: Josh Furgeson, Senior Research Fellow, 3ie

1,838 impact evaluations and 178 systematic reviews were identified for this study. In this presentation, we will discuss the main findings of the 3ie food systems evidence gap map, its potential uses, and the implications of this effort for future policy and research.

This event is a part of a series of events that 3ie is hosting on nutrition in January 2021.

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