World Public Health Nutrition Congress 2024
byANH Academy
| Agriculture, Environment, Food Environments, Food Systems, Geography, Nutrition, Planetary Health, Other
Date and Time
From: 10 June 2024, 09:00
To: 13 June 2024, 18:00
BST British Summer Time GMT+1:00
Country: United Kingdom
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Join us at the World Public Health Nutrition Congress 2024 (WPHN Congress 2024), which will be held at the University of Westminster in London from Monday, 10 June to Thursday, 13 June 2024. The 2024 Congress theme is "Questioning the Solutions: has the Decade of Nutrition delivered?"

ANH Academy is proud to sponsor WPHN Congress 2024. The Congress programme features an exciting variety of plenary sessions, workshops, symposia, and short oral sessions. 

World-renowned keynote and symposia speakers will provide invaluable perspectives on nutrition interventions and the progress achieved during the decade, including; 

  • Francesco Branca, WHO
  • Corinna Hawkes, FAO
  • Anne Fleming, WorldFish
  • Carlos A. Monteiro, University of Sao Paulo
  • Sofía Monsalve Suárez, FIAN International
  • Hon lan Byrne, UK Parliament
  • Barbara Burlingham, Massey University, NZ
  • Regina Murphy Keith, University of Westminster
  • Tim Schwab, Author
  • Musa Sowe, Gambia Movement for Peace and Humanitarian Assistance
  • Ángel Tuninetti, Heñói Centro de Estudios, Paraguay


Don't miss these ANH Academy sessions:

Workshop session 1- "The food environment toolbox: assessing food environments in low- and middle-income countries’

Monday, 10 June, 9:00-10:30 BST

Speaker: Shauna Downs (Rutgers School of Public Health) 

The overarching aim of the session is to provide an overview of the Food Environment Toolbox, a set of tools developed to be low-burden and field-friendly for assessing the objective (i.e., external) and perceived (i.e., personal) dimensions of wild, cultivated, and built food environment in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs).


Workshop session 2- "Innovative Methods and Metrics for Climate Change, Food Systems and Nutrition: Overcoming the data deficit"

Monday, 10 June, 11:00 - 12:30 BST

Speakers: Claudia Offner, Megan Deeney and Tony Carr (London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine)

More information soon!


Special session- "Plastics: A crisis of and for the food system"

Wednesday, 12 June, 15:30-18:00 BST

Food systems are a major driver of global plastic production and pollution, with wide-ranging inequitable impacts on human health and the environment. This session brings together diverse voices to demonstrate why the plastics problem deserves the close attention of the food and nutrition community. More information here!


Participation for this session is open to both those registered for WPHNA Congress 2024 and also anyone who isn't. If you plan to come, but are not registered for WPHN Congress 2024, it is critical that you complete this short form so we can reserve a space for you.

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