ANH Academy launches new open-access book: Food Economics: Agriculture, Nutrition and Health
24 May 2024
Food economics


The ANH Academy is proud to launch a new open access textbook and associated resources for teaching about the economics of agriculture, nutrition and health.

Co-authored by William A. Masters and Amelia B. FinaretFood Economics offers a comprehensive introduction to the market forces and public policies that drive change in agriculture, nutrition and health. The book begins with economic principles derived using graphical techniques to explain and predict observed prices, quantities, and other outcomes as the result of individual choices that are influenced by market structure and public policies. The second half of the book explores available data globally and for the US, covering a wide range of questions in agriculture and economic development, food marketing, and consumption.The text and its accompanying online resources are designed for advanced undergraduate or introductory graduate courses in agriculture, food, and nutrition policy. No prior knowledge is required. The book uses elementary geometry to derive the standard economic diagrams taught in principles-level courses, with concrete examples and practical insights regarding food production, consumption, and trade.

Online resources include data sources, supporting materials, and course materials, including slides, exercises, exams, and answer keys.

Download the book here

A full set of example course materials (syllabus, weekly slides, and past examples of the weekly exercises, exams and projects) will soon be available here.

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