Consultant needed for review of Climate Change & ANH linkages
18 November 2022
Opportunity: looking for consultants to do IMMANA review od Climate Change and Agriculture Nutrition and Health


The IMMANA Programme is looking for consultants to do a rapid review and stakeholder consultation over a 3-month period.


The aim of the project is to produce an agenda-setting summary of recent recommendations for research that examines the impacts of climate change on Agriculture, Nutrition and Health (ANH). The review will also include the impact of ANH responses to climate change and the tools, methods and metrics available for measuring these relationships, whilst advancing the understanding of equity considerations in climate ANH nexus. The conclusions of the review should provide clear guidance on the next steps and priorities for research, including suggestions for how the IMMANA programme, in particular, could strengthen data, metrics and evidence within this nexus. 

This rapid review and the stakeholder consultation will be led by a researcher over a 3-month period, commissioned by the IMMANA programme and supported by the IMMANA team. IMMANA will facilitate the publishing of this output and use it to feed back into its programme evaluation and planning (March 2023).



• Lead Researcher(s): Expert(s) in areas of climate change and agriculture, nutrition, or health with enough experience to confidently complete this review in the given timeframe (3-months).
• Research Assistant(s): Researchers aiding the lead in the completion of this rapid systematic review of reviews.




Potential consultants interested in working on this project should submit an expression of interest to [email protected] by the 2nd December 2022 at the latest. Expressions of interest may come from individuals or groups of researchers. Please make sure to read the Terms of Reference for more information on the project and application process.

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