IMMANA Fellows host second Journal Club
31 May 2016

The Second IMMANA Fellows Journal Club centered on a discussion of one of the Fellow’s own research papers. Current IMMANA Fellow, Bekele Mergesa, authored a paper entitled “The role of livestock diversification in ensuring household food security under a changing climate in Borana, Ethiopia” along with colleagues André Markemann, Ayana Angassa, and Anne Valle Zárate.

During the discussion, Bekele shared details about the study design, subjects involved, sampling procedures, variables used in the research model, and some of the results of this particular analysis. Fellows subsequently discussed many of these aspects critically, focusing on the strengths and limitations of the variables included in the model, the statistical methods used, and circumstantial factors, such as drought, that impacted the study.

These journal club discussions allow IMMANA Fellows another opportunity to collaborate across their varied disciplines for the common goal of advancing effective research methods and metrics in their respective pursuits. The next time they all convene will be at the Agriculture, Nutrition and Health Academy Week in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in June 2016!

Words by Caitlin Joseph

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