Meet the latest IMMANA Fellow: Taddese Zerfu
04 October 2016

On 1 September, 2016, Taddese Alemu Zerfu started his IMMANA project on dietary factors in maternal anemia and pregnancy outcomes in rural Ethiopia. He is the first of the Round 2 IMMANA Fellows to begin work. His research and professional interests are focused on maternal and child nutrition in the early stages of life. Publications from his previous professional experiences include: 

Zerfu, T. A., Umeta, M., & Baye, K. (2016). Dietary diversity during pregnancy is associated with reduced risk of maternal anemia , preterm delivery , and low birth weight in a prospective cohort study , in rural Ethiopia. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (Under Review), 2011(1).

Zerfu, T. A., Umeta, M., & Baye, K. (2016). Dietary habits, food taboos, and perceptions towards weight gain during pregnancy in Arsi, rural central Ethiopia: a qualitative cross-sectional study. Journal of Health, Population and Nutrition, 35(1), 22.

Taddese will continue to provide updates on the progress of his research to the IMMANA team over the next year and will collaborate with other post-doctoral IMMANA Fellows through a monthly journal club. In the meantime, he can be found online in the following places: 

Twitter: @taddesea 
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