Technical Brief: Economic Evaluations of Multi-sectoral Actions for Health and Nutrition
22 August 2019

The Economic Evaluations Working Group (ANH-EEWG) is proud to launch its technical brief, which focuses on the challenge of measuring and comparing health improvements from programmes and policies affecting agricultural production, farmers’ livelihoods and the food environment of urban and rural households.

Who will find this useful?

The technical brief was created from a variety of perspectives, and is intended to be accessible to individuals with a wide range of expertise. It is constructed around a series of visualizations to describe how diverse stakeholders can best use information on benefits and costs. The brief should help professionals within the SUN Movement including national governments, international organisations, NGOS and funding agencies as well as those from the private sector and civil society organisations engaged in the development, design and implementation of policies and programs to improve health through multi-sectoral interventions in agriculture, food and nutrition.


Click here to read the technical brief (pdf):







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