Online Course: Food Environments for Healthy Sustainable Diets
By Ilse de Jager 12 October 2021

Imagine yourself at a bustling market in Bangkok. Will you wait in line for a fresh mango smoothie? Or will you buy the cheap bottle of soda right in front of you? This decision is influenced by interactions with your local food environment. The food environment can help us support healthy, sustainable diets. This is crucial in low- and middle- income settings where all forms of malnutrition remain high. A4NH researchers and partners have developed a self-paced online course to explore how food environments can be improved. The course, designed for professionals from government, ministries and NGOs who are aware of the need for food environment interventions, as well as masters students and health professionals who have an interest in food system transformations, is offered through Wageningen University & Research and is available free of charge through 2021.


Hello Ma'am, That is an excellent project. I am from India , working as a community health doctor in a medical institute. I am interested about Nutrition research and how to improve the nutrition habits of our community. I will be happy to collaborate with you in any future Research projects.
Dr Ramnika aggarwal
Associate Professor
Dept of Community and Family Medicine
AIIMS, Bathinda
email: [email protected]


29 Jun 2022
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