About Research Communities


Research Communities are groups of ANH Academy members who want to collaborate and learn with peers in their field of research.

Research Communities host monthly events for members to connect and share their research. Members can share resources and blog posts to help others learn more about their field too. This platform is free and open to all ANH Academy Members.


What do Research Communities offer?

•    Monthly events centered around specific research strategies, topics, or processes.
•    Office hours sessions where members can ask questions, discuss their research, and receive assistance or guidance.
•    Learnings from blog posts written by community members and outside experts.
•    Repositories of online resources curated by ANH Academy staff and community members.

We welcome your feedback and suggestions for ways to improve our first Research Community and ideas for future Research Communities. You can reach us through the Contact Us form below or at [email protected].

The Research Community Project was developed by William Masters and Alex Knueppel with support from Isabella Pinerua and Xichen Wang through the IMMANA project and the ANH Academy, with support from UK Aid from the UK government and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Food Access Research Community