Registration for Plastics: A crisis of and for the food system

Plastics event


The Agriculture, Nutrition & Health (ANH) Academy is co-organising a special session at the World Public Health Nutrition Congress, ‘Plastics: A crisis of and for the food system’ on Wednesday 12th June at 3:30pm at the University of Westminster, Marylebone campus. 

Food systems are a major driver of global plastic production and pollution, with wide-ranging inequitable effects on human and planetary health. Used extensively from farm to fork, plastics and the thousands of hazardous chemicals they contain, are driving staggering rates of environmental pollution that reverberate throughout society, ecosystems and food chains.

Drawing on the lived experiences of populations affected by this crisis, as well as scientists and policymakers working towards the UN-led Global Plastic Treaty, this session brings together diverse voices to demonstrate why the entire plastics lifecycle – from extraction and production, to use phase and end of life – deserves the close attention of the food and nutrition community.

The session will be followed by a social reception to foster continued discussion and connections.

For more information on this event visit this page.


Participation for this session is open to both those registered for WPHNA Congress 2024 and also anyone who isn't. If you plan to come, but are not registered for WPHN Congress 2024, it is critical that you complete this short form so we can reserve a space for you.

Are you attending the social reception (18:00-19:00 BST) after the session?