Grants Round 4

End date: 31 May, 2021


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Thank you for your interest in the IMMANA Competitive Research Grants Round 4. This call for full proposal submission is specifically for short-listed concept notes.


About IMMANA Grants Round 4

The IMMANA Competitive Research Grants are aimed at accelerating the development of innovative and interdisciplinary methods, metrics and tools to advance the scientific understanding of the linkages between agriculture and food systems and health and nutrition outcomes, in order to better inform policy and programmatic actions to improve nutrition outcomes in low and middle-income countries (LMICs). 

This workstream of the IMMANA programme is led by the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine. This is the 4th and final funding round for the IMMANA grants. Each IMMANA grant will be a maximum of £250,000 and up to 8 grants are expected to be awarded through a competitive selection process. Please note that due to budget cuts, we anticipate that the number of grants awarded in Round 4 will be reduced, however we don’t have information yet on the final number of grants which will be awarded.


This call for application applies only to concept notes that were successfully short-listed during the Round 4 concept note call for applications. Please do not apply if you have not been shortlisted as your application will not be considered.

Selection process

The proposed research is expected to generate innovative and high quality methods, metrics and tools for application in the short to medium term for improving agriculture and food systems’ contributions to nutrition and health in low and middle income countries.

Applications will be reviewed in two main stages:

1) Review of concept memos:

Assessment of concept memos was undertaken by IMMANA management team with oversight from the Co-Chairs of the Independent Panel of Experts.

The following criteria will be applied:

  • innovation
  • scientific excellence 
  • research uptake plans and pathways to impact 
  • collaborative approaches

Only those shortlisted were invited to submit a full proposal.

2) Review of full proposals:

Full applications will be subject to a peer-review process using the same criteria as the concept memo stage. The Independent Panel of Experts will assess the full proposals and the peer-review reports and recommend applications for funding. The review process will be overseen by the IMMANA Steering Committee, which will also be responsible for approving the Panel’s recommendations for funding.

IMMANA Grants Round 4 webinar

The IMMANA Grants team held a webinar on 26 November 2020 about the Round 4 application process and the IMMANA Evidence and Gap Map. Watch it here:

IMMANA Grants Round 4 Info Session

We also held a Q&A session on 8 December 2020.

Interactive map of current and past IMMANA Grants

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