Curriculum Enrichment Teaching Materials

Since 2016, researchers and educators across the global ANH Academy community have consistently indicated a demand for interdisciplinary training opportunities and resources relating to agriculture, nutrition and health. 

In 2020 the Curriculum Enrichment Working Group (CEWG) was established, comprised of subject matter experts, capability sharing practitioners, and pedagogical specialists. CEWG conducted a needs assessment to better understand the teaching needs of university educators, to inform the curation of  materials to support interdisciplinary teaching, and to guide the design of a Training of Trainers Programme.

The findings from the needs assessment suggested that educators around the world would like to teach interdisciplinary topics but are short on time, constrained by their curriculums, and/or overwhelmed by the volume of online materials like MOOCs. Participants articulated a demand for teaching resources that could be easily used and adapted in different settings. Learn more about the results of the mixed methods needs assessment in Global Food Security


Open access interdisciplinary teaching materials

With partners, we have curated a suite of teaching materials covering key topics relevant to agriculture, food systems, nutrition and health. The materials are not intended to be exhaustive, nor are they designed to be the optimal way in which to introduce students to the topics in question. Different people would curate materials in different ways for different audiences and contexts.  We encourage you to adapt these materials for whatever purpose you like - whether it's a lunchtime seminar, a session integrated into a formal module, or just trialling new ideas with colleagues.

If you are happy to share your experiences of using these materials in your contexts, we'd love to hear! And if you feel comfortable, do consider sharing your adapted versions so we can make these available for others in similar contexts.

To help you plan for your session, check out this useful document: Planning your interdisciplinary learning session.


Training opportunities

Interested in using these materials in your institution? Watch out for training opportunities that ANH will offer in the coming 12 months!


Explore the suite of teaching and learning materials

Module 1: ANH Linkages

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Module 2: One Health

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Module 3: Gender, Equity & Empowerment

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Module 4: Climate Change, Environment & Sustainability

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