Identifying methods, metrics, and tools

The relationships between agriculture, food systems, nutrition, and health are complex, dynamic, and difficult to measure. Researchers in this field have developed a wide variety of innovative methods, metrics, and tools that researchers can use. The following resources provide syntheses and examples of available methods, metrics, and tools.


  • Data4Diets: A platform that helps researchers and others to identify and understand diet-related food security indicators. 
  • How to find measures and tests: A guide for finding existing measures in social science from existing reference databases.
  • Food Systems Dashboard: An online tool that displays over 150 indicators related to food systems from multiple data sources. Researchers and policymakers identify and visualise relevant indicators and download the related data. 
  • Guide to food and nutrition security indicators: A technical assessment and user's guide to help researchers, evaluators, and program managers identify indicators for measuring progress in food and nutrition security. 
  • IMMANA Evidence and Gap Map (EGM): An online portal that summarises research innovations over the past decade in methods, metrics, and tools related to food systems and agriculture-nutrition linkages. The interactive map and data portal allow users to explore the areas where methods, metrics, and tools do and do not exist. The creation of and findings from the EGM are summarized in a paper by Thalia Sparling et al. in Advances in Nutrition.
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