Teaching methods

Nutrition-sensitive agriculture training resource package
  • Organisation: USAID, SPRING (Strengthening Partnerships, Results and Innovations in Nutrition Globally)
  • Description: This training resource package includes the building blocks for creating a nutrition-sensitive agriculture presentation or training program that reaches program leaders, managers, and other decision-makers in the form of presentations, activities, handouts, and session guides. 
  • Geographic location: Global
  • Access: Open access
  • Themes: Nutrition-sensitive, nutrition, agriculture, food systems, behaviour change, intervention
Simulation Exercises Teaching Clinical Skills and Knowledge of the Health Effects of Climate Change
  • Organisation: University of Illinois
  • Description: Clinical-skills based approach to teaching medical and public health students the health effects of climate change. This resource presents eleven simulation exercises used with over 100 students, and reports on the students' work.
  • Geographic location: Global
  • Access: Open access
  • Themes: Climate change, environment, interactive teaching


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