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Tesfaye Hailu Bekele (PhD) is a nutrition researcher in healthy diet development, evaluation, and adherence monitoring. Tesfaye led the Ethiopian Food-Based Dietary Guidelines and a Healthy Eating index development and evaluation from 2018-2022 through the food system for a healthier diet flagship and financial support from the food and agriculture organization of the United Nations. In the future, he would like to work on characterizing diet as an Individual, if possible at the meal level, understanding the main cause of an unhealthy diet, and understanding the challenge of the food system. Tesfaye would like to work on dietary intervention implementation research or impact evaluations more on a broad aspect of the food system. He is interested in developing tools using advanced technologies to make dietary assessment easy in low and middle-income settings. In general, he is interested in working on how to make a healthy diet more easy, accessible, and affordable. Currently, Tesfaye is working on Global Diet Quality Project to validate the diet quality questionnaire in his postdoctoral research. A diet quality questionnaire is a tool developed for more than 130 countries to assess nutrient adequacy and dietary risk for non-communicable diseases.



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