Assessing food environments for healthy diets
byInge D. Brouwer
Academy Week Learning Lab
| Food Environments, Food Systems
Date and Time
From: 24 June 2020, 00:00
To: 24 June 2020, 00:00
BST British Summer Time GMT+1:00
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ANH2020 Learning Lab: Assessing food environments for healthy diets


Description and Learning Objectives

The food environment represents the range of foods that can be accessed in the context where people live and includes both natural and build environments. Food choices result from an interaction of the food environment and individual-level factors such as familiarity with foods, taste preferences, convenience (time scarcity, food prices), perceived food safety and health-related motives. Food environments are considered healthy when they “enable consumers to make nutritious food choices with the potential to improve diets and reduce the burden of malnutrition.” Shaping food environments to enable healthy food choices, can impact positively on diet quality and nutrition. This session will provide an overview of innovative tools to assess a food environment and allow participants to experiment with some of the tools within a case study. 

Preparatory materials to be reviewed in advance of live session

Ag2Nut Community of Practice, Harvard School of Public Health, Wageningen University & Research
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