3rd Africa Food Environment Research Network (FERN2023) Meeting
byANH Academy
| Environment, Food Environments, Food Systems, Nutrition
Date and Time
From: 1 November 2023, 09:00
To: 3 November 2023, 16:00
GMT Greenwich Mean Time GMT
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photo credit: FERN
Theme: Facilitating the identification, collation and valorisation of food environment research, policy, and practice in Africa 


The next FERN2023 Meeting has been announced and it will be held from 1 to 3 November 2023 in a virtual format. Registration and abstract submission are now open. 

Submit your abstract by 1 September 2023!

Battling with multiple burdens of malnutrition amidst issues related to climate change (Kray et al. 2022), pandemics of obesity (WHO,2022), COVID-19, and also man-made geopolitical crises, Africa is said to be in an unstable transition. Food matters, particularly food system challenges have had an immense impact on the African continent and its people. Global Health and Nutrition Targets (Global Nutrition Report, 2022), as well as those related to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have been impacted also. These impacts are predicted to be even direr by 2030.

FERN had its inaugural meeting in November 2020 where research priorities and opportunities were identified. 

In collaboration with the Food-SAMSA Project and other FERN partners, including ANH Academy, FERN2023 is envisioned to be an ‘INDABA’ that facilitates the identification, collation and valorisation of Africa-focused food environments research, policy, and practice initiatives. 

The objectives of FERN2023 are:
  1. To facilitate the identification, collation and valorisation of Africa-focused food environment related research, policy, and practice initiatives.
  2. To connect researchers in the African sub-region and Global North whose work relates directly or indirectly to improving food environments in Africa
  3. To kindle a collaborative environment and a cross-pollination of food environments’ improvement ideas
  4. To stimulate capacity building, in particular among students and early career researchers.


Anything you need to know about FERN2023 is available on this webpage

For any inquiries about FERN2023, please email [email protected]


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