Connecting Food Quality to Human and Planetary Health: A Food EDU Webinar
byKevin Cody
Webinar or Seminar
| Agriculture, Environment, Food Systems, Nutrition, Planetary Health
Date and Time
From: 15 November 2023, 07:00
To: 15 November 2023, 08:30
PST Pacific Standard Time GMT-8:00
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How do we know our food? What is food quality? And how is food quality connected to people and the planet?

Join us for Food EDU's webinar series to learn how diverse ways knowing and measuring food quality can promote food system sustainability and improve human health.

Food EDU is an open-access educational platform facilitating the translation and application of cutting-edge research in food, agriculture, health, and nutrition. Our goal is to empower learners across the globe to create data-driven solutions that promote human and planetary health.

We are offering two-time options to accommodate for global time zones. Both webinars will feature a presentation on the Food EDU program, followed by a panel discussion and Q&A session with global experts in the fields of food science and nutrition.

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This webinar is also being offered at 15:00 Pacific Standard Time. Register here if interested in attending the later session:

Kevin Cody

07 Nov 2023
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