Learning Lab: Making better figures: visualizing data for action
byANH Academy
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Data visualization is widely used to communicate agriculture, nutrition, and health data. However, a graph or dashboard do not necessarily inspire action. Choosing effective, accurate, and compelling ways to visualize data based on key messages and target audience is a vital skill for anyone who wants to use data visualization to influence action. The session will share concrete skills on how to visualize data based on communication goals and existing data visualization and human cognition research. The training complements existing DataDENT Tableau Public tutorials that participants can freely explore following the session.

Preparation materials:

  1. Data visualization decision tree (English, French, Portuguese)
  2. Data visualization exercises - please download this document before the session!

Recommended readings:

Check out our ANH2021 social media toolkit for each Learning Lab lead's Twitter handles (go to the "Social Media Toolkit" tab).



Hello, is it possible to share the recording?

Mohammad Mahbubur Rahman

23 Jun 2021
I missed the first session of the ANH program, is there any way to get the slides or reading material?


30 Jun 2021
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