Module 2 - One Health

The second module of this series, One Health provides an introduction to the concept of One Health and how to apply a One Health approach to identifying and tackling food system challenges. By the end of this session, a successful student should: 

  • Understand One Health's history in science and policy, and its precedent in, and reliance upon, Indigenous knowledge and practices  
  • Critically engage with One Health as an interdisciplinary and intersectoral systems thinking approach to achieving integrated health outcomes 
  • Recognise the importance of applying a One Health approach to identify and tackle current food system challenges 
  • Apply systems thinking to a One Health food system challenge 

The materials provided are not intended to be used as is, but are meant to be adapted to your context and your students. 

Session Documents: 

Additional Documents: 

Materials last edited: Oct 2023

If you have adapted these materials and would like to share your version with others, or have any feedback on our lesson plan, please contact [email protected] 


It is a wonderful material.

Eyassu Yimenu

30 Nov 2023
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