Module 3 - Gender, Equity & Empowerment

The third module of this series, Gender, Equity & Empowerment provides an introduction to the concept of equity, gender and empowerment, and its linkages to agriculture, nutrition and health. By the end of this session, a successful student should: 

  • Recognise key concepts and definitions related to equity, gender and empowerment and their importance in linking agriculture to sustained nutrition and health outcomes 
  • Familiarise themselves with critical literature on the topic (i.e., feminist critique) 
  • Discuss gender-based constraints that affect women’s participation in agri-food value chains 
  • Critically analyse why addressing gender equality is relevant to sustainable value chain development  
  • Identify strategies towards enhancing women’s empowerment in agriculture to support nutrition and health outcomes 

The materials provided are not intended to be used as is, but are meant to be adapted to your context and your students. 

Additional Documents: 

Materials last edited: Nov 2023

If you have adapted these materials and would like to share your version with others, or have any feedback on our lesson plan, please contact [email protected] 

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