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Learning Lab: Using Food Prices for Nutrition
byANH Academy
Academy Week Learning Lab
Date and Time
From: 20 June 2023, 14:00
To: 20 June 2023, 16:00 - CAT (GMT+2)
Open Full Event Using Food Prices

The times of this event are in CAT

Level: Basic

The Cost of a Healthy Diet, and the number of people who cannot afford a healthy diet, are reported annually alongside other traditional food security monitoring indicators by the UN State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World reports. In this session, we share the methods for calculating this food security indicator, and offer participants the chance to practice calculating the Cost of a Healthy Diet from food price datasets. This session is an abridged version of the upcoming World Bank training course and training workshops held with national governments by the Food Prices for Nutrition project.

Preparation materials 

We recommend that you visit the resources prior to attending the session. 

  • Anna Herforth (Food Prices for Nutrition Project)
  • Kristina Sokourenko (Food Prices for Nutrition Project)
  • Leah Costlow (Tufts University)



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Ag2Nut Community of Practice, Harvard School of Public Health, Wageningen University & Research
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