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Watch Parties

Applications to host a watch party during ANH2023 are now closed. Scroll down the page to see who hosted one!


What is a watch party? 

A watch party provides a communal space where the online Academy Week sessions can be streamed live for members of the ANH community to watch together in-person.  We have taken inspiration from the Planetary Health Alliance, who tried this format in 2021 with great effect, and from ANH2022 where watch parties in Nigeria, South Africa and the UK brought researchers, practitioners and policymakers together to watch the research conference and socialise.  


Where watch parties were planned for ANH2023?


Why should your institution organise a watch party?

Hosting a watch party could provide your institution and colleagues in your city (or nearby):

  • A fun atmosphere to attend ANH2023 together in-person
  • Networking opportunities to meet future collaborators, mentors and mentees
  • Space to discuss and develop research ideas with the ANH community 

Convening Academy Week online over the previous years has made access more equitable and so has increased our global audience, without the associated carbon footprint of an in-person event. Despite these benefits, we know many people missed the opportunities for in-person interaction. We hope that working with you to organise watch parties around the world will allow you to host an event which combines all of these benefits and so enhance the conference experience.


How to host a watch party:

The watch party host institution will need to provide a room, ideally with a large screen for shared viewing and microphones, but otherwise with enough space for attendees to watch conference sessions on laptops. They may also convene focused discussions and networking opportunities before or after the watch party.

During the watch party, the watch party organisers should dial in to the ANH2023 sessions live on Zoom so the attendees can listen, watch and interact by speaking and using the chatbox.

The watch party hosting team should also organise a test session 2-3 days before your watch party so that your technology setup is ready to go.

See below for more guidance and ideas for hosting a watch party.


Support the ANH Academy can provide to watch party host institutions:

  • Promotion: We will help advertise your watch party event on the ANH Academy website, newsletter and on social media.
  • Technical support: The ANH Academy team will be running all sessions during ANH2023 and will be on hand to help you as needed, for example if attendees at your watch party would like to speak or ask any questions. Specific technical guidance, including information about suggested audio-visual equipment, can be found here.

  • Small grants: For academic institutions who require it, we can provide a limited number of small grants to enable watch parties to take place. These funds can support venue and equipment hire, internet data bundles, catering and other small expenses. Priority will be given to academic institutions and funds will be awarded based on a rolling basis according to geographical balance. 


Any queries are welcome and can be directed to the ANH Academy team ([email protected]).