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Academy Week Research Conference
| Agriculture, Food Environments, Food Systems, Gender and Equity, Nutrition
Date and Time
From: 30 June 2022, 14:10
To: 30 June 2022, 15:10
BST British Summer Time GMT+1:00
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These sessions are run in two halves of 30 minutes each:

  • In the first quick-fire session, 20 researchers will have one minute each to present their studies. 
  • The topics are wide-ranging, providing viewers with a snapshot of research that has recently been conducted at the nexus of agriculture and food systems, nutrition and health.
  • In the second section, attendees will have 30 minutes to visit any (or many) of the presenters in their individual break out rooms. 


Poster voting

Vote for your favourite poster of Day 3!  Voting remains open until 16:30 UK BST on Thursday 30 June. Winners will be announced in the closing ceremony!

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Speakers and presentations:

Please click the titles of the presentations to see the abstracts and the poster links to see the study that will be discussed in the breakout rooms 

  1. Perceived effects of recommended food systems policies on nutrition, nutrition-related inequalities and the environment: results of a survey among international food policy experts. CELIA BURGAZ  [Poster]
  2. Costs of nutrient adequate complementary feeding diets of Syrian refugee children aged 6 to 23 months living in Greater Beirut, Lebanon THERESA JEREMIAS [Poster]
  3. Trends in Ghana's Food and Nutrition Security budget allocations and expenditures from 2017-2020 ISAAC AGBEMAFLE [Poster]
  4. Impact of provision of low-cost solar conduction dryers and nutrition education on dietary diversity of women from subsistence farming communities in rural Bangladesh ANKITA MONDAL [Poster]
  5. Evaluation of lactic acid bacteria and the associated pathogens isolated from traditionally fermented foods from Northeast India. TUSHAR DEY [Poster]
  6. School neighborhood food environments in Greater Tunis: predominance of unhealthy food retailers and food advertisements. CHRISTELLE AKL [Poster]
  7. Lessons learnt from the government-led food environment policy processes: A systematic review  SEE NG [Poster]
  8. Lessons and Insights from the adaptation of the novel INDDEX24 Mobile Application: The experience from the Nigeria National Food Consumption and Micronutrient Survey 2021 BUSIE MAZIYA-DIXON [Poster]
  9. Assessing Trends in Food Supply and Obesity in Small Island Developing States: Implications for Policy and Research CASSANDRA ASH [Poster]
  10. Foodborne disease burden in Hyderabad, India and Kaffrine, Senegal. CAROLINE BOSIRE [Poster]
  11. Biodiversity and the resilience of nature's benefits to people: a case study on agricultural areas in South Africa. JESSICA WILLIAMS [Poster]
  12. The NUTRI-P-LOSS tool: a prediction of nutritional postharvest losses along food crop value chains. AURELIE BECHOFF [Poster]
  13. Sub-national perspectives on diets using Household Consumption & Expenditure Surveys KEVIN TANG [Poster]
  14. Ethnographic Study of Consumer Food Perceptions, Preferences, and Purchasing Decision-Making Factors in Mali and Niger MEREDITH JACKSON-DEGRAFFENRIED [Poster]
  15. How nutrition education got lost in a large-scale program's kitchen sink approach to improving food and nutrition security: Insights from a process evaluation in Odisha, India THEA RITTER [Poster]
  16. Landscape analysis of social and behavior change in nutrition-sensitive agriculture EMILY FAERBER [Poster]
  17. Potential contribution of biofortification and other nutrition interventions to the adequacy and the cost of diets in rural Zimbabwe during the COVID-19 pandemic JILL CAIRNS [Poster]
  18. Food systems governance in the Pacific Islands: an analysis of policy tools promoting healthy and  sustainable food systems ERICA REEVE [Poster]



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