Learning Lab: Collecting dietary data using a 5-min survey module (DQQ) adapted for >100 countries
byANH Academy
Academy Week Learning Lab
| Food Systems
Date and Time
From: 22 June 2022, 13:00
To: 22 June 2022, 15:00
BST British Summer Time GMT+1:00
Country: United Kingdom
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This event has concluded, we will post a recording of the session here soon. Please check back. 


Level: Introductory



Agriculture programs often seek to improve diet, but feasible standardized tools have not been available to measure diet quality. Especially for programs that have limited finances and technical capacity, dietary assessment must be low-burden: simple, rapid, reliable, and not requiring nutrition expertise. In this session, we demonstrate how a new diet quality questionnaire (DQQ) has been designed to capture information on nutrient adequacy, healthy and unhealthy food consumption, with a minimal amount of time (5 minutes) and nutrition expertise (none required). Standardized DQQs have been adapted and are ready to use for over 100 countries, available at dietquality.org. We will practice using these tools and calculating indicators of diet quality (such as the MDD-W) from them.


Preparatory materials:
  • Herforth, A.W., Wiesmann, D., Martínez-Steele, E., Andrade, G. and Monteiro, C.A. (2020). Introducing a Suite of Low-Burden Diet Quality Indicators That Reflect Healthy Diet Patterns at Population Level. Current Developments in Nutrition, 4(12), p.nzaa168 https://doi.org/10.1093/cdn/nzaa168 
  • Ma, S., Herforth, A.W., Vogliano, C. and Zou, Z., 2022. Most Commonly-Consumed Food Items by Food Group, and by Province, in China: Implications for Diet Quality Monitoring. Nutrients, 14(9), p.1754. https://doi.org/10.3390/nu14091754 
  • Website: www.dietquality.org 

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